I'm Leticia,
UX Designer and Researcher

but you already know that from
the logo and the home page. what else then? 

I'm 25, born in Florianópolis, living in São Paulo. I've been working with UX Design for almost 4 years, ever since I graduated from UDESC (Santa Catarina State University) with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. I have then pursued knowledge in various places such as Universidade Positivo in Curitiba, where I've gotten an Post-graduate Degree in Interaction Design. And now I'm on my way to obtain a Master's Degree at PUC São Paulo, studying human cognition and learning theory in a multidisciplinary Design and Technology program. I'm one of those people who never completely leaves a classroom, an avid reader passionate to put theory into practice by creating experiences that make life a little easier, a little lighter everyday.

In my free time you'll find me playing tabletop RPGs or DIYing my entire home while listening to metal that is either very artsy or very brutal (sometimes both).  
Yes, the last name is polish, pronounced rad-ke-vich ;) 

My project case studies speak about me and my process in a much better way I could ever do so by talking about myself, do check them out!

My work experience is over there on LinkedIn.

I also post some UI exploration that doesn't fit here on dribbble.