Hello! I'm Leticia Ratkiewicz, a UX Designer. Ever since my first usability test proved my prototypes to be full of misconceptions, I've been passionate about research and validation. I'm an ever-learning soul and putting theory into practice to deliver great experiences by learning and improving methodologies is my ultimate goal. 
How am I achieving this so far? 

In 2017 I have leaded a project at Linx+Neemu+Chaordic for a new task-management tool for our technical onboarding process. This project resulted in a 62% drop in average integration integration time. 

My graduation app project about astronomy, Kosme, won a national prize at Inovapps and was invited to Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week.

I'm a firm supporter of SCRUM methodology and was responsible for coordinating designers and developers sprints at Dzigual Golinelli. In 2018, I've started managing design sprints at Linx+Neemu+Chaordic as well.

You can check all the case studies for these projects at: leticiark.com



NOV '16


Part of the Product Experience team from Linx+Neemu+Chaordic. Works in SCRUM sprints as part of team of UX Designers with their own goals and OKRs. 

Conceives new products and features for the Personalization Suite and other digital solutions used by the greatest Latin American ecommerce businesses. 

Responsible for user research and validation with clients. Daily tasks includes in-depth interviews, usability testing, field research and prototyping. Handovers consists of final screens and lean documentation.

Dzigual Comm Lab

jan '15
 oct '16

Designed user-centered digital products for clients such as Engie, Portobello, Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort, Amanco and others. 

Was responsible for wireframes, flows, user testing and research for websites, mobile apps and software. 

Coordinator of the Interactive Media team. Managed SCRUM sprints for a team of 5 developers and designers.

DOT Digital Group

jul '13
 dec '14

Designed digital interfaces such as websites and landing pages, e-mail newsletters, advertisement, content for social media and GoogleAds. 

As an Intern Personal Development Project, conducted an in-company workshop for 28 designers and developers about responsive e-mail marketing design, its importance and best practices.


Master's degree

PUC-SP / Tecnologias da Inteligência e Design Digital

postgraduate degree

Universidade Positivo / User-Centered Design - Interaction Design

bachelor's degree

Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina / Graphic Design